January 15, 2008

January 10, 2008


for those who sleep at 5 in the morning like me...
take care of your skin.......

January 07, 2008

January 05, 2008


2 二
0 零
0 零
8 八
will be a good year
busy year ahead so we gotta brush the dust of our knees
stand up on our feet
and start workin off our assess

1 more year of study to go
then welcome me to the rat race
im gonna be rich
im gonna be rich

im gonna be rich
feng shui is good so dont let opportunities slip
make 2008 a year to remember
im gonna be rich
and miss swan is daa shiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt

December 27, 2007

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

the sad people, the sad faces before sending my cousin off....

December 26, 2007


so i went to get a mcfillet o fish from mcd when i was sick today,
i placed my order at the drive through lane, and my bill came up to 12.29

i had no small change
i had a 50 dollar note and five 1 dollar notes in my wallet and some coins in the car

i gave the smarty my 50, two 1's and 30 cents, 52.30 for my 12.29 meal
which would make things easier for him by just returning 40 bucks to me

the smarty gave me back 2.30 and said, "bang, sebenarnya.. hanya 12.29" (bro, actually.. its only 12.29)
and looked at me like i'm an idiot for already paying more than enough with the 50 dollar bill and adding another 2.30 to it

i told him it would make it easier for him and for me,
he insisted i took back my 2.30 even when i said "why dont u try keying it in your machine?"

i got fed up and took my change of 37.71

December 08, 2007


christmas is around the corner.....
and i'll be havin guests around....
so i made a template
to give the house a lil more christmassie feeling
i made a snowflake.....

and i sprayed the mirrors...
and the windows will be done soon as well.....

i'm lookin for another template which says MERRY CHRISTMAS
so if anyone knows where i can get them please do let me know
send me a msg or email me at christopher.cwk@gmail.com please and thanks alot!!

who stole my nuts??

where'd the 2 nuts go...........

i've always had the addiction to J.Co's donuts....
i get a box of a dozen each time......
and i eat 6-7 of them........

i bought this 2 days ago....
why green?
because the chinese language is a literatic language...
and it says when you suffer from constipation
you "or see or dough cheng sai" which means you shit till u turn green

November 30, 2007


i got bored of the same ol'green tree..... which was green since we bought it hundreds of years ago......
and this is what i did...........


-work in progress

-completed base


we havent got the tree topper yet....
and the presents......
and the...
and the.....

macbook............ >:[

November 22, 2007

i got 1 moreeeeeeee........